Do you have a heating problem? Get in touch with Laser Plumbing Newcastle Central. We install winter-ready heating solutions and specialise in fast and friendly gas heater repairs. Newcastle residents can rely on Laser Plumbing Newcastle Central to keep their homes warm in the middle months.

As the cold nights set in keeping your home and family warm can be a challenge, particularly if you're missing a dependable heater or your split system air conditioner is chewing up too much electricity. Gas heaters are an efficient choice for families exploring their options, delivering everything from flickering gas log fires to hot water at a flick of a tap.

Gas Heater Repair

Our heating experts have seen it all when it comes to gas heater repair, ensuring your property remains safe, secure and heated throughout winter. From carbon monoxide issues to faulty line fittings, we'll be able to diagnose and solve your issue as soon as possible, providing we have all of the spare parts required. If not, we'll be honest and upfront about delivery times, so you know exactly how long you'll need to wait.

Gas Heater Service

While professional and precise repairs are always at your fingertips with Laser Plumbing Newcastle Central, we recommend a maintenance plan to every customer following installation - even if you've never installed with us, we would love to take a look at your gas appliances. A regular heater service can potentially save you the big bucks, detecting little niggles and potential problems before they become safety concerns or financial drains. At the very least, homeowners should schedule an annual heater service, including any appliances gas powers around the property.

Our gas heater service includes:

  • Burner check and clean
  • Air filter clean
  • Hose and connection inspection (including leak testing)
  • Flue pipe maintenance
  • Gas regulator check
  • Gas pressure check and adjustment
  • Water temperature check
  • Pressure relief valve check

The benefits of servicing your gas heater:

  • Minimise downtime caused by repairs
  • Secure the safety of your home and family
  • Improve the longevity of your gas heater
  • Maximise heating performance throughout winter

Laser Plumbing Newcastle Central Service Area

Our team responds to callouts in Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Central Coast and the Hunter region.

Book a gas heater service today with our reliable, professional and local team of experts.